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Very popular for its durability, superior thermal insulation and ease of maintenance, the steel door offers the best value for price. Available in many standard models, it is also possible to add a personal touch by adding:

-      An assortment of hardware

-      A Door glass

-      Decorative panels

-      A large selection of colors for interior and exterior paint allowing almost infinite combinations.


Our steel doors are assembled with the best quality components: galvanized steel sheets caliber 24 gauge standard and optional 22 gauge, central core injected with polyurethane foam, double weatherstriping system for maximum airtightness, anodized aluminum sill, frame assembled with screws located at head and sill level to increase its resistance and water-base urethane-acrylic coating.


Available in a wide choice of standard sizes or custom built, we can add a transom or sidelite to make your new door fit perfectly with all your construction or renovation plans.


To add a touch of elegance and warmth to your door, add a wood finish on the exterior, interior or both sides of the steel sheets. Choose from one of our wood species: oak, birch, pine, mahogany, cherry or cedar and add the stain color of your choice applied at factory that will make your door blend in perfectly with your interior design.


This exclusive process will give your door the remarkable look of a real wood door while keeping the strength and rigidity of a steel door

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